Hold my sweet pussy
With your mouth
And start loosely
To waiver your tongue
Up and down
And around
Barely touching,
Till I’m hot
And I’m seething,
Then pin open my lips
With your fingers
And linger
Your tongues tip on my clit
For a second
And wetten
My pussy with spit
Till I’m squirming with bliss…

Push your fingers inside me,
Explore the new territory
With every ridge found,
Until you hear my drowning sound
Of pleasure,
Now stay there
And play there
And feather your tongue,
Now tort,
Above my hard clit
Till I arch,
Needing more,
Till I’m full
And I’m yours

Suck stronger
Bite harder
Push deeper
And squeeze
All this desire out of me
Till it’s flowing fast
Past your wrist,
Now fist me you bitch
Kissing your strength on my wet swollen lips,
I grab hold of my tits
And scream
Leaning in,
I claw ‘cos I’m raw
And I’m beaming and sore

Pull out,
Enjoy watching
My fanny pulsating
And my heart,
Through my breasts,
Rapidly racing,
I’m panting and dripping,
You’re wanking and dipping
Your cocks head in and out
Of the edge of my wet
And then into my mouth

My jaw opens wide,
I’m sucking you hard
As if it’s the last
And I’m loving it,
Tugging it
Till you let out a gasp
And spill over my face
Then down, over my lace,
Both smiling,
Both sweating,
Both licking my lips,
Both wasted
And chasing
The last taste with a kiss…