He’s just an ordinary man,
hairy legged, hairy chest
Perhaps timid, more than
we’d both like…
But it doesn’t matter.

He’s just an ordinary man
with his soft mustache and hypnotic beard,
crawling in my skin, teasing me.
His skin tastes like cinnamon,
his body is a sweaty spell…
But it doesn’t matter.

He’s just an ordinary lover,
dominant when necessary,
quiet when he’s not.
Sometimes uncertain, sometimes detached…
But it doesn’t matter.

You’re not just an ordinary man,
you’re a gentleman, you’re a sweet and sour taste.
I love you all, even though you bite me, stroke me and fuck me ‘til it hurts sometimes.

But that’s the way you are, and I wouldn’t change anything about you a little bit.

You entered my life in a very rough time, and I wish I’d known you earlier in my life.
But I love you very deeply, and now I realise… That it doesn’t matter.