I part my legs as you’re going down slow,
Tonight I’ll be your little ho’.

You stick your tongue between my lips
as you hold me firmly by my hips.
On my back, feet in the air,
My mouth opens only to moan and whisper your name.

You take your time as you softly lick my mound,
tongue going slowly up and down,
You suck my pearly pik button as my juices flow,
and slowly make my arousal grow.

I can clearly hear your moans and sighs too
as you make magic between my thighs.
My hips bucking, and I squirm about.
I can barely breathe, but I start to scream,
I drive you wild as I shour your name,
cause you are the reason why I came,
and you are the only one you need to know,
that you are the man who licks me so nice and slow…