Touch me or I’ll scream  
And imbed your skull in the headboard  
Because I am aching just to feel  
Your violence upon my skin.

  When your indifference  
Leaves me cold and sore and wanting  
Can’t you feel the heat of my desire?  
Look me in the face!  
And tell me you don’t want me  
I still have the sensations  
Of the last time we fucked  
The way my nails held you   
As I raked them down my back  
Leaving bloody trails  
That heightened my pleasure  
And I breathed your name  
In need for more…   
And it’s been so long   
Since you told me you loved me.   
Your eyes wandering over  
Other girls when we go out  
And I’m sorry I’m not taller nor thiner nor smarter nor better   
nor blonde nor supermodel nor hot…

 Though you used to make me feel  
Beautiful and wanted, like I was special  
Unable to resist touching me  
A finger curled around mine, a kiss  
On my face 
Hand sliding cheekily up my thigh  
While we rode the bus  
Just to tease me  
While we sat, unseen by those  
That would highly disapprove.

  As I’d pull my hat down over my face  
To hide the flush that crept there  
As I melded myself to your fingertips exploring  
There way up under my clothes.  
And I want you to fuck me  
Like you hate me, with all  
The pretense of love you can muster  
Just one last time  
Before I light your clothes on fire  

  And I’m staring at your indifference  
Longing just to reach out and kiss you  
Hard and deep and painful  
Your hands tangling in my hair  
As you pull my head back  
To kiss down my neck as you push  
me back down on the bed  
To explore me with your lips  
Your tongue, gentle fingertips  
And your rough beard, taking control  
Owning my body and claiming it  
As yours, just like the first time  
When we made love.
And I came so hard, I almost passed out.  
 I’m begging telepathically  
For you to just fucking touch me  
Because I am going to scream  
 And I breathe a sigh of sick relief  
While I remove my panties  
And get myself off to the thought  
Of strangling you in your sleep  
With your mistress’s underwear  
When all I really wanted  
Was for you to touch me one last time  
And make me scream in all the right ways  
…For you, just like you used to do…