Swallowing that cock 
makes me sing like a humming bird 
when it hits the back of my throat. 
I can’t help but buzz it 
like a jet over a tower. 

Humming a cock makes it better 
for you and for me, 
the vibration is a sensation that 
will stay with you long 
after you have left me for the day… 

Why do I hum, and sing like a bird? 
Sucking cock for me is not a chore. 
It is high art, my tongue and my lips, 
are my canvas and paints 
so good at my craft it will make you faint. 

Watching the faces you make, 
the way your moaning increases, 
the vibrations of my throat will rattle in your balls and 
make you ache for release, 
not yet though I have another verse to go. 

As you cum in front of my eyes I ease away, 
can’t hum now it’s time to play 
lapping the protein from the tip 
getting every drop, when will the fountain 
ever stop, tired and satiated, 
curled up and purring in front of me…