When I look at you I get so horny inside
My body temperature does nothing but rise
I could be just looking in your eyes
     It gets me to thinking
About when you’re down between my thighs
     Lovingly eating
     I’ve noticed you sneaking
         A peek at me…
  You know I can’t help looking
         Just looking at you, baby,
      Feels me
     With strong burning
     Painfully intoxicating
         Singes it’s way up & through me…

I can’t get enough of it
I’ve found me some good head and dick
And you know it
     Gets me to thinking
About your magic stick
     Magnificently fucking
     I’ve noticed you keeping
         Up with me…
     I know you can’t help looking
         At me, baby,
         We’re just staring intimately
     With intense yearning
     Exotically stirring
         Torches it’s way up & through me…

When I look at you I often wonder why
And how can you make me feel this way inside?
I could be just looking in your eyes
     It thrills me knowing
You’re the one who’s in control of what’s in between these thighs…
     You lovingly be eating
     And magnificently treating
         This pussy
     Like it’s the greatest thing
         And you can’t get enough of me
         You know when you look at me
     We were meant to explore all this loving
     You know you’re the only one stoking
                       This desire
                       This fire
         Up & through me…