Lay down with me, 
come closer 
so I can see in your eyes 
That this is real… 
I feel your breath against me, 
feel your heart beat 
I listen in the dark night 
and close my arms around you. 
Your fingers tickle down my back, 
we kiss, more heat, more intense. 
We dress each other off, 
you look at me… 
I blush… I shiver… I yearn… I crave…  

Is there something wrong? 
Your skin is so tender, like the first snow in winter… 
You are so hot… 
We lay close to the bonfire 
and get more intense, 
I start to feel the rhythm: 
it is as if the ground 
is disappearing beneath me… 
Small breaths and moans can be heard, 
the rhythm gets harder and slower at the same time. 
You hug me in to you 
and grab around my thighs. 
You look me in my eyes 
We can smell each other’s  sweat… 
After the intense session
we will look at the sky 
and count the stars 
Naked against each other 
We could not have wished for better…

And I crave for more… And more…