I’m watching you talk
But in my mind I want to fuck
You don’t know how I’m longing
To hear you moan in my arms
Scream if you must
Cause I want to spray you with my cum.

Your chest is heaving as you sing
But I’m conjuring images of your chest
How I will nib, lick and suck those nipples
Make them red and erect
For another attack
‘Till they can’t stand my torture anymore. 

I’m twisting my waist as we dance
Don’t worry, I will make you do a lap dance
Before thrusting your cock into mr
You will watch me sit on it and slow wind
Drive me wild ‘till you reach your climax.

If only you knew the thoughts in my head
You will be on your heels
That I will oblige you darling
For soon you will be in my bed
But for now, talk, sing and dance for me
For my bethroted need not know
Of my amorous desire
To have you naked in my arms tonight...