I am hypnotized in your presence.

  I become inflamed with passion, in a daze from your stare.

My resistance is weak, body slaved to your touch.

  Only you have the power to make me lust this much.

Gently caress me, it makes me feel sexy.

   Yearning to be pleased but begging to be teased.

My thoughts are clouded with desire of satisfaction.

   The taste of your lips are controlling.

Loins tense from a sence of urgency.

   Let us disrobe, trace my body with warm moisture and nibble as you please.

And as you taste what is most glistened, my pool of sweets, time is of the essence so enjoy the treat.

   Massage my flesh with open mouth kisses.

From the back of me, down my kneck and past the back of knee.

   Grab me firmly in your palms.

Bend me aggressively and thrust me repeatedly.

   Now allow me to return this pleasure.

As my tongue take lead my hands follow.

   Endure this excitement, starting at your chest.

Playful bites as I mount you, only seconds remain, whispering moans

and screaming your name.


Tightly, hold me close.

  Gripping your biceps, I have reached my peak.


I don’t need any aphrodisiac,

nor romanticism,

nor sweet conversations,

nor alcohol,

nor cigarettes.

All I need to love you

Is you: your symphonies,

your bright eyes,

and your lips between my thighs . . . Of course…