It would be fun to be under the covers, nude,
fand clean, like your favorite fruit.  
And when we would share all of our sweet juice
we’d then begin our sexual drug abuse.

  I would get as close as I can get, and then try to push a lil’ further in my nakedness… 
Then give you my drug, and feel better when you take it.

The smell of desire, heating our bodies like a lustful radiator. My mind taken by only silent movements, 
slow strokes to boost passionate energy, 
our minds begging and screaming
to give us a an intense mystery.

All but rushed is what we are… 
It’s like time stops, but we move on 
and when we enter another galaxy, we find that we can make our own gravity 
by substituting some kind of nature, that will sooner or later might remind us of reality. 
And when we return, we just come back to our sexual academy…