So sweet and wet,
in a dark bed,
pheromones sing:
“moist invitation.”

Your hands
so huge and so rough,
caress my burning,
my yearning,
my anticipation.

Burning kisses,
tangled clothes
tearing, panting.
Mouths busy with tender

Blood pounding,
my blush
spreads southward
to the tips of my breasts

Your embrace
enfolds me,
crushes my sanity,
leaving only my need
for liquid sensation.

Impaled and possessed,
I’m filled,
caressed deeply,
completely entangled,
the goal of your quest.

Stabbed by your lance,
I die and see heaven.
The stars spin,
my heart sings,
my legs wrap around you
and I know you are mine.

As I come back to earth
and recover and quiver,
the place where we’re joined
is as wet as it’s been.

Filled with your seed
your lust and your need,
I just need to know,
can we do that again, please?