I do
Want to suck your dick while you’re sitting down
I’ll suck it anyway you want me to
And I do
Want you to
Grab hold of my hair as I go to town
On you…

Your dick has been wanting this
Been waiting for this
Mouth of mine
To take it’s time
And sucking
You love it
When I swirl my tongue to the tip
Around and around
It goes
I know
You feel wonders
As all of a sudden
Your dick plunders
Into my warm slick opening…
Yes, I love it
That cum out of you…
It’s gratifying
And sends shocks of wondrous feelings straight down
To my kitty-kat
And so
This need to make your dick hit
The back
Of my throat
Wins over
And so
I choke
From trying
To be greedy…
Don’t you know
I can’t help it, sweetie;)

I do
Want to suck your dick
And make you
Never forget
Your dick is mine
For the rest of time
I do…