I taste you
and find you are like
And so I lick you,
running my tongue
all over you.

A few drops are not enough,
I want you to overwhelm my taste buds
with hot, sticky pleasure.
Your arousal is matched
by the lusty passion of my tongue
as I melt you,
with each slow swipe of my lips,
I uncover more
But you do not disappear,
you continue to grow
and as my lips wrap around you
my tongue seeks your core…

Melting in my mouth
runs around my lips
and down my chin…
droplets fall on my breast
and the temperature is still increasing…
My breasts are soon covered,
my nipples reacting to the hot chocolate
and I see you smile,
but it is a smile of heated satisfaction,
a smile that you are being tasted
and that I like your taste…
So I wish to taste more
more of you and your hot, sticky and sweet… Chocolate