As he closed the door
He saw all of her sultry curves
She walked over, pulled him tight
And then she simply whispered words…

She whispered “kiss me, don’t resist me!
Put your lips on me like you miss me”

She whispered “soothe me, don’t confuse me!
Tonight I don’t care, baby you can use me”

She whispered “stroke me, yeah baby soak me!
Use those big hands, yeah boy just grope me”

She whispered “lick me, oohh baby stick me!
This kitty wants to purr, Daddy fix me”

She whispered “hold me, you can even scold me!
You can hit it like you want to, baby unfold me”

She whispered “bend me, then rear end me!
My body’s been neglected, just attend to me”

She whispered “eat it, please baby beat it!
And make sure I get mine before you skeet it…”

And the night was perfect.
By the neighbors, so many screams of passion were heard.
All because she had to have it
All because of her… Whispered words.