Tell me, how does it feel 
When I hold you like this? Close…

So you can hear my breathing. So I 
Can feel your hair touch my face. 
Do you feel safe? That’s what I want. 
You’re safe, here, with me. 

I love kissing you. Softly, 
softly, feeling your tongue. I won’t 
hurt you. I slip a hand under your shirt 
and touch your skin.

I hear you gasp a little 
when I move my lips to your neck and move up to bite your lips. 

We have all the time in the world. 
So I undress you slowly. 
I let you open me, your hands are on my boobs.
You must be able to feel 
my heart beating.

There’s moonlight shining 
on the sheets as I lay you down…

Your eyes sparkle and show desire as I press your chest..

I suck on your nipples, and fill with kisses 
on your beautiful body. You take my hand 
and press it against your penis.

I scratch you, 
make your penis become like a rock and slide my fingers all around your soft and warm testicles.

I move to be on top of you as you enter my pussy
with the sound of your moan in my ears. 

Slowly, slowly, you move my hips up and down,
I love the sounds you make, you’re a symphony, 
My personal birdsong.

Your hands are everywhere. 
in my arms, in my butt, resting 
on the small of my back as I start 
to make you come inside me. 

I tense, cling to y ouharder, your gasps 
tell me I’ve got you enjoying my warmth
where I want it.

I keep moving, I want 
you to feel like you’ll burst 
with this feeling, with my love. With everything 
I want to be to you. You’re coming, 
you’re coming. You keep tellin me, and you press my hips harder… Your orgasm is coming… I can feel it!

And then your body explodes, and it relaxes… Your hands 
still clutch my ass. I slow down, but 
I won’t stop, because now 
I feel it too. I feel it, and it makes us rise 
and rise and rise, ‘till all there is 
is love and moaning…