I want to get off 
but not by my own hand.
Sure I could easily 
use my fingers,
slide them 
in and out, rub my clit or use a toy.

But I still crave 
the real thing.

I want your thickness.
I want to taste you 
on my lips 
and on my tongue.

I want to swallow 
your length 
and tease your tip 
and have a little fun.

I want your chest
in my hands 
while I kiss your nipples.
I need your hands 
to squeeze my breasts 
pull on my pierced nipples 
and grab my ass.

I need your fingers 
to enter my sweet spot 
and love it all,
make me wet 
rub on my hood.
Soak my spot.

make it drip 
then lick her clean 
and let me taste your lips.

Spread my legs 
shove your cock 
in deep give it to me.

Make me scream!
I can tell you 
wanted this as bad as 
I did, so 
rock my world…

Baby make me scream.