As he assumes this position 
I see the peak of seductive intuition 
And as my eyes trace his face
My tongue desperately wants to serve 
As the ambassador to his pleasure.

For he is such a precious treasure 
And as he lets go to the sound of passionate moans 
He becomes the place my tongue calls “home”
As both a lover and as a friend.
While I reach depths of his body… Kiss it and touch it where no woman has ever been.
And as the moment continues to unfold 
This hot caramel melts but shivers like it’s cold.

As juices flow so warm and moist 
All I hear is sounds of rejoice within his voice 
And as his rock solid cock bursts with liquid pleasure 
In an amount that is far to great to measure 
As if this was the first time he reached ecstacy’s peak 
I kiss him good night as he shakes… And goes to sleep into my arms…