I may not deserve it, but I crave it: 
I earn for lips to burn into my skin, 
hands that touch hungrily lusting. 
you see how I squrim next to you, 
biting my bottom lip, trying to stay 
in control, your eyes meet mine.

I look away, you smile teasingly, 
driving me to my breaking point. 
you lean in closer, hot breath caresses 
my skin, echoes of desire fill my mind 
needing; wanting to taste you.

 Your fingers trace my lips and I 
take them into my mouth eagerly 
trailing each one eagerly with my tongue 
full of passion; finger tips grace my inner 
thigh so gentle yet insistent your touch is 
leaving me wet and breathless. 

“Why must you tease me so…” This words 
escape my lips with a soft moan, you bite my 
neck punishingly, and make your way to my 
lips and kiss me deeply, my body trembles 
with ecstasy… With each breath you say 
“You’ve been asking for it, so I’m giving it you 

Your hands make they’re way to my folded lips and dip into the depths of me 
waking the sexual creature in me… 
Your pace quickens as you go deeper 
inside enjoying the sounds of my 
rapture that is about to explode…

You stop suddenly, chuckle and 
whisper in my ear: “Not yet…”