Passionate kissing, body caressing,
lips intertwined, late night sexing,
R rated like a porno movie,
hot like fire.

The only thing that matters is desire,
so pick up your phone, and give me a sex phone call 
If things get hot, proceed with more sex talk.
You never know how it could end,
might become something way more than friends.  
Want me Come over? You sure it’s not to late? 
How about when I come over? We can make love to my songs,
maybe go for a couple rounds, all night long.
Every room can be our playground, let’s have some fun! 
Using our imagination ‘till the rise of the sun.
I won’t stop till you’re shaking, until you cum.
I want all of your neighbors to know my name.  
When I get there we can get close,
have a drink on the front porch,
A good night, followed with some sex talk.
Kissing, bodies pressed against the wall 
Now it’s getting hot, or is it just me?
Next thing you know: you are in nothing but your undies.

The destination is the bedroom,
I’m gettin’ wet very soon.
Juices flowing out like a calm river.

Kisses filled with passion,
kisses filled with lust.
You’re gonna be moaning,
‘till the break of dust,
or until I bust 
Sweating, panting, breathing heavily.

With every new position 
I ask: “are you ready?”
‘Cause I won’t stop, 
I’ll put my legs on your shoulders,
but first… Damn, your lips taste so delicious…
I’m a master with my tongue 
Yes, I know you like it. 
Back to the story,
I’m rubbing your chest, massaging your nipples,
You say “Dont stop, that’s the spot”
After I’m done, you want to get on top 
Damn, I cant help it…
I want your sex,
hard throbbing, calling my name,
and you know my pussy is doing the same,
so lets get together 
do the dirty stuff, over and over again…
And when you wake up in the morning, I won’t be gone,
I’ll be cooking you breakfast and singing your favorite song…