As I lie in my bed 
patiently awaiting a text from him 
I can sense that tonight I will be alone 
I get a smiley and an “I miss you but…” 
Oh, how I hate that dreaded “but…” 
“I cant make it tonight baby… I’ll make it up to you.” 
I let out a sigh 
And say “ok”
And hope tomorrow he’ll stay the day,
but as for now 
as I lay between these sheets 
ready to be spread,
waited to be rolled around,
“oh, baby right there…” 
My plans of fun gets fucked 
But I don’t…

The night plays in my head,
his voice echoing from my bed,
my legs are softly spreaded,
as my fingers begin to dance.
I rub against that ring,
dreaming that it’s his tongue in between 
kissing me,
sucking me,
licking me,
Tongue fucking me…

Oh, how I love the way his tongue just glides in me so smooth…
  I love the way he goes deeper,
 then sticks his finger in my pussy,
making me arch my back for him to get to my g-spot.

As I rub on my clit with one hand 
one finger reaches into my pussy 
  I can feel his tongue licking on my pearl.
I can hear him, like he’s on top of me saying 
“Want me to go deeper, baby?” 
As deeper escapes his lips,
deeper my fingers travels 
Trying to get to that point,
I find it and dig deeper 
Then I shudder…
Legs spread like butterfly wings escaping its coccoon,
fluttering from each spur I get of an orgasmic rush,
  a pleasurable moment,
my pussy getting wetter, wilder, stronger, tighter…
Thighs getting sticky from my nectar,
I can feel his tongue on my neck 
Then my pierced nipples become erect,
my bed gets wet,
and he’s moving in me deeper, harder, stronger…
I can feel him…
Ooooh… Yesssss…
“Deeper, baby…”

 I move faster,
thrusting my fingers in me so rough yet slow,
Pillow under my hips,
my back arched so I can get it better 
He says:

My fingers moving in sync with every melodic tune 
of his voice, echoing through my room,
echoing through my walls,
I can feel each flow trickling down my thighs,
bed soaking wet from this orgasmic rush.
A sigh of relief…

Then I lick my fingers 
I love the way he smiles from seeing me taste my caramel,
“Lonely nights turns to good mornings” I say as I turn on my side and sleep into his sweaty and delicious body…