I love control   
I love being the one that pleases you   
to feel you tremble beneath my touch   
to hear the moans escape your throat   
but there are those times   
times you refuse to let me be in control   
the times you push me back on the bed   
crawl between my legs   
sit up on your knees   
pushing my legs apart   
raising my knees so they go even wider still   
I raise a word of protest   
you silence me   
you look, for a moment, in my eyes   
lust there   
animal lust there   
you look at my cock   
now aching for your touch   
pulsing on its own accord   
sometimes feeling like it is separate from the rest of my body   
you rest your hands on my inner thigh   
your head goes down   
I feel your mouth go between my balls and leg   
you tongue me there   
I look down   
without hands you move further down   
nose and mouth under my balls   
you push my legs up farther still   
awkward feeling   
feeling exposed   
feeling not in control   
but the pleasure   
the pleasure makes me forget   
forget that I am not in control   
that I am yours now   
your tongue probes deeper   
that sensitive area being bathed by loving strokes   
your tongue still probes   
you now put your hand around my base   
I think for my pleasure but really for yours   
to fill your need to feel my cock   
to coach me higher   
so you can probe deeper   
then you find it   
the tip of your tongue   
finding that most sacred spot   
that most taboo spot   
that wrinkly brown hole   
that spot that is most private   
you find it   
you probe   
you insert   
your lick   
I lose it   
I startle myself when I realize I hear my own moans   
half sounds caught in my throat between   
raspy breaths   
I beg you to stop and yet want you to never stop   
it is not my choice   
you don’t say that   
but it is know   
then without warning you stop   
now feeling my balls in your mouth   
you just know how to   
how to miss the pain by a fraction   
and give the rush of pleasure   
My cock is throbbing   
clear precum running down the shaft   
you take it in your mouth   
moaning in appreciation for the treat   
knowing you caused it   
mouth warm   
tongue moving every where at once   
hand slides   
then faster   
combining with your mouth   
in perfect unison   
perfect pleasure   
has it been minutes   
has time stopped   
I feel it building   
I can’t stop it   
my mind races to think of something else   
to stop or at least slow the flow   
but no other thoughts will appear   
just more thoughts of what you are doing   
your moans tell me the first taste has hit your mouth   
it coaxes you faster   
to feel the flow of that hot sticky liquid rise   
the warm white cum that you crave   
it flows   
you moan   
it builds   
I have lost   
I give up thinking I had any control   
I submit   
fully to you at that moment   
you own me   
would be willing to do anything   
to repay for this   
this exquisite   
unspeakable pleasure   
the last drops exit   
your lips still firmly affixed   
not willing to waste a drop   
to miss one taste   
satisfied you release my cock   
you look up for the first time   
like a she wolf who just devoured her prey   
you still slightly crazed   
me still frozen  unable to move…

I’m Yours…