I love feeling your hands caressing my body so gently; 
it’s so intense all the tingles that go through me, 
and all I be wanting is that sweet release 
that only you can give me… 
And I want it badly… 

My cave be throbbing 
for that nice juicy dick 
to come inside of it, 
but first I want your lips 
To taste it…

Oh damn, how I love the way 
You kiss my clit, 
and the way you 
hold my hips; 
wish your mouth could stay 
right there.
Don’t go anywhere… 

But I’m not selfish 
and I want to lick that dick,
  and I can’t wait 
to swirl my tongue around it; 
I want to swallow it 
and deep throat it, 
to let you know 
I’m in control of it, 
but I can’t lie 
I do love it…

 Love hearing you moaning 
as I continue sucking and stroking, 
I know it be driving you crazy, 
watching me 
do this magic trick, 
watching me 
make your tasty dick 
disappear within my mouth; 
I’ll be sucking on it 
like a icee-pop, 
and I’ll be enjoying it 
when you pull my hair 
And say: “Don’t stop!”

…Don’t go anywhere

You’ll be moaning my name out loud, 
and I know you wish that my mouth 
could stay right there.
Don’t go anywhere… 

But we aren’t finished 
and I want that nice juicy dick 
to be inside my dripping wet cave, 
I can’t wait 
for you to dig all in it…

…Don’t go anywhere…

I just love the way you love my clit…