When you watch me 
touch my pussy, 
what can you possibly 
be thinking? 
Yes, really…

I bet it makes your cock 
get stiff 
and even more if 
I lift 
one leg up 
and as I stuff 
just one finger in 
just slide it on in… 

Yes, it does feel wonderful to me 
having you there eying me 
as I glide it on in.
Then you lean on in 
to lick on my tit
suckling on it 
for a bit,
nibbling at it 
as you rub on that hard as rock…
Oh yes, I love to see it
you caressing it 
and tighten it 
and when you turn sideways 
love to gaze 
at them balls jiggling 
and them butt-cheek dimples looking 
like they winking 
at me.
Makes me want to just hump it.
Can see 
myself cumming…

I can’t help that’s what I’ve been thinking, 
yes, really; 
by the rise of your cock 
I should know what YOU’ve been thinking…