I love your kisses. So deep-
  So intimate…

Your tongue
teasing mine. Your hand
moving down from my cheek
to rest on my neck
before reaching across my back
to unhook my bra beneath my dress.

You’re close, and I sigh
when you start sucking and bitting on my neck.
So gently, taking your time…

My eyes close as you lift my dress
over my head… I unbutton your shirt
and kiss your delicious chest.

Lying on the bed, more kisses.
You take one nipple between your fingers
and then your lips, making me gasp.
I reach for your belt, your zipper,
feel you harden as I roll you
onto your back…

Your mouth opens
when I slide your cock very deep inside me…

I move slowly, feeling you rub
against my sensitive parts,
seeing your eyes close and my hands
on your chest.

My breath
becomes short…

Holding my hips steady,
you sit up. I’m closer to you now.
The touch of your body, hearing
your breathing. I move.
A bit faster.

The mood changes. My embrace
grows tighter, my cries

“I need you, I need you
Inside me, around me, everywhere.
Harder, harder, don’t stop, go deeper…”

I moan and gasp in abandon. I feel
like I’ll explode but still
I don’t want you to stop.

I’m clinging to your sweaty shoulders.
Breathless. Senses reeling.
I still feel you hard inside me
but calmer, slower.

Your hands
are firm but gentle. You move me
onto my back. Again, your cock
alides effortlessly into me.
My body relaxes. I feel you.

The sheets are crumpled.
Your eyes meet mine. I kiss you
with all the love I feel.
Your eyes close, your lips part,
your body tenses,
and there’s a warm spill of semen
between my legs.

The last moans
Hang in the air above us.

I fall asleep
wrapped safe in your loving arms…