I Want To Know How It’ll End.

I Want To Be Sure Of What It’ll Cost.

I Want To Strangle The Stars For All They Promised Me.

I Want You To Call Me On Your Drug Phone.

I Want To Keep You Alive So There Is Always The Possibility Of Murder Later.

I Want To Be There When You Learn The Cost Of Desire.

I Want You To Understand That My Malevolence Is Just A Way To Win.

I Want The Name Of The Ruiner.

I Want Matches In Case I Have To Suddenly Burn.

I Want You To Know That Being Kind Is Overrated.

I Want To Write My Secret Across Your Sky.

I Want To Watch You Lose Control.

I Want To Watch You Lose. I Want To Know Exactly What It’s Going To Take.

I Want To See You Insert Yourself Into Glory.

I Want Your Touches To Scar Me So I’ll Know Where You’ve Been.

I Want You To Watch When I Go Down In Flames.

I Want A List Of Atrocities Done In Your Name.

I Want To Reach My Hand Into The Dark And Feel What Reaches Back.

I Want To Remember When My Nightmares Were Clearer.

I Want To Be There When Your Hot Black Rage Rips Wide Open.

I Want To Taste My Own Kind.

I Want To Be Wrapped In Cold Wet Sheets To See If It’s Different On This Side.

I Want You To Come On Strong.

I Want To Leave You Out In The Cold.

I Want The Exact Same Thing But Different. I Want Some Soft Drugs.. Some Soft, Soft Drugs.

I Want To Throw You.

I Want You To Know I Know.

I Want To Know If You Read Me.

I Want To Swing With My Eyes Shut And See What I Hit.

I Want To Know Just How Much You Hate Me So I Can Predict What You’ll Do.

I Want You To Know The Wounds Are Self-Inflicted.

I Want A Controlling Interest. I Want To Be Somewhere Beautiful When I Die.

I Want To Be Your Secret Hater.

I Want To Stop Destroying You But I Can’t.

And I Want And I Want And I Want And I Will Always Be Hungry.

And I Want And I Want And I Want…