Please touch me 
The eternal ache 
that I feel so deep inside 
only you have the means 
to release the flood 
that threatens to drown my very soul.

I want to feel your touch… 

Feel your fingers 
your lips, your tongue 
I beg you… Please. 
Just touch me a little 
It won’t take long, I promise… 

One touch of your tongue 
moist upon my pink wet pearl 
will send me into wave after wave 
of sensual pleasure.

Your fingers… 
Plunge them so deep 
fill me with their length 
their girth 
With my hips, I will thrust up 
to engulf them… 
Never, wanting you to withdraw them… Sticky.
Even now… Writing this… 

My wetness is seeping through my panties 
Wanting you, needing you… 
Oh, to feel your hardness 
Pushing your way inside of me 
I will mould myself around you 
Envelop you in my warmth, my wetness.

I will urge you to start so slowly 
In and out…

My body will rise up to meet yours 
thrust for thrust 
To feel the sweat, the heat 
inhale the smell of sex in the air,
invigorating our senses… 

Urging us on… 
Faster and harder 
Each holding out 
not wanting this moment to end 
But it will… 

And it will be worth it… 

To feel the slow throb start 
Then the release… 
The flow of my nectar, so warm 
at the same time to feel you give that final thrust 
as you unload your own liquid warmth 
up so very deep inside of me.

I want you… So much… 
Can you tell?