I want you to turn down the lights 
And come to my bed.

I am trembling at the anticipation of your touch 
And the thrill you give me every night, 
to feel you in my secret walls. 
I would beg for it.

You tease me unfairly, let me see you. 
Pretty soon you’ll have me on all fours 
At your feet.

There’s no perversion in wanting me this way 
It’s loving me whole. 
You needing every inch of me 
Pumping your cock deep inside my pussy.

 Watch my face as I gasp for air, 
I’m in shock. 
With sheer ecstacy,
high with the hardness you give me.

I take it, rock my hips back and forth. 
Let’s dance together, 
back and forth.

I want to hear you say my name, 
I feel like I’m floating. 
Only your cock holding me earthed to the ground.

I moan and shiver and shake 
I’m so close…

Suddenly I feel 
your fingers slip inside my pussy 
so firm, filling both my holes.

I come for what feels like an eternity. 
You look into my recovered eyes in wonderment. 
Your cock is throbbing for release 
and your fingers feel it 
through the thin wall separating…

Finally you take my mouth, 
claim it 
and rock and shake 
with a powerful orgasm inside me.

You gently take back 
what is yours 
and feel your juice 
dripping down my thighs.