His hands caress my body, making me tingle with longing.  
He straddles me, touching every place that he knows will have me begging for more.

He bites with lustful intentions of giving me goosebumps, but not from cold.

Indeed, I am perfectly warm as he heats me up with the fire that sits on my tummy.
He gives me everything and yet, still, I have none  
I want more. I need more. I’m blindfolded.  

He bites my pierced nipples hard with his carnal thoughts  
He tantalizes me by only giving me little   
He keeps me on my toes as he gives me different pleasure at different times.

I can’t see him, nor move  
I want to touch him, 
I want to hold him,  
I want to leave bite and nail marks on his skin!

He makes me wait with desperate anticipation,  
I’m longing for his touch, his body against mine, this blindfold to show what touches me in sequence …

I want more, I need more.

Show me what’s on your imagination…