Do not be surprised that a woman’s sexual appetite can match your own.  For while women can be suppressed by duties such as marriage and children, housework and career and become so overwhelmed that they lose the plot, drowning in their own bodies or affected body image full of insecurities and doubt in a world that constantly advertises that who a woman is at present is simply not good enough.  Bombarded with concepts of inequities psychological, social and economic it is not easy being a woman.

Let’s not even address the duality of Saint and Whore.  Because every single woman I know, is both.  Not every woman waits to be “taken” so to speak in the sexual manner that only evolved to protect the fragile ego’s of men.

If I want you, I WILL do the taking.

From the moment you meet me I will be drawing your attention to my facets and assets like a fly to honey.  Watch me touch my lips pensively (do you really think that is necessary for my thinking process?)  It’s to remind you of what I can do with these small lips.

When I touch my hair do you think I am that concerned with it’s appearance so as to preen in front of you like an insecure school girl?  No my Love.  It is to send your mind to a place where afterward our wet bodies stuck together like glue with the smell of sex and salt heavy in the room, you might rest your nose against my head and breathe in my hair.

I put my hand on my hip to demonstrate their roundness and yet there is room there for a hand or two with the appropriate grip and angle to make my hip and buttock dance against your thighs.  They are worthy to receive your hard abrupt love.

When I contemplatively play with the gold locket that dangles down and down to my ample soft cleavage there is nothing absent minded in the mind of a female.  Yes they are soft but firm and move rhythmically beneath or above you; wrap your arms around me from behind and gather them up into the bushel of your embrace and kiss my neck.  I am all woman but never more so than when you hold me like a feast.  I am that, my Love.

And I have only just begun….

From the curve of my back and breasts thrust forward trained by the tall slender high heels that I love so much.  That you notice without failing, my Love you are a v-i-c-t-i-m…

…MY Victim…