I’m gonna strip for you and take my clothes off slow.

…Moving my body to the beat gliding with the flow.

I’ll start wit my shirt exposing my breast to you. I’ll put them in your face, you know what to do.

Let me sit on your lap as I grind to the beat. I’m so glad you’re here in a front row seat.

I pull down my skirt and expose my ass to you, then I put it right on you and gonna touch my self to tease you.

Tell me, do you like it? Do you want me to continue to strip for you?

Take out the camera, let’s make a soft porn clip. I’ll pose for you and let you take lots of pics.

Now just hit the record, I love making flicks.

I’m touching my body while you’re looking at me. My hands on my body are only for your eyes to see.