Tonight I lay here in this darkened room, 
My body helpless as desire seems to consume, 
So lonely without you here to share my bed. 

As hot passion burns uncontrolably, searing me; 
Lips moist, my tongue fevernt with gigantic lust; 
A deep fire is sprung, engulfing me 

Eyes shut, as hands explore untouched territory 
Gentle caresses, I begin to moan, but try to keep hush. 

My fingers trace down my breasts, fingers slowly 
come to rest, inside me a lust burns so deep 
With thoughts of you.

I circle my pierced nipples, I linger on to places, down my stomach, 
down to that spot which hides, waiting for your touch; 
my fingers dig deeper into the depths of me…

Hitting the height if my extreme desire… 
An erotic moan escapes my lips, fingers so wet they drive 
Faster, this excites my body into a rapture.

Hearing the sounds of ecstasy, about to explode; 
I let myself go as raw passion takes over, 
my mind wonders, trapped with thoughts or your 
forbidden touch, emotion consumes me; 
reminding me of your overwhelming sensual male power. 

For tonight I’m lost in this ecstasy, but tomorrow I will 
give you this flaming desire, so it may consume us both, 
Soon this fantasy will become true…