Lie down beside me 

make yourself comfortable while I tease you 

  ‘til you can stand it no more.

I kiss and suck and lick and pull your cock inside me,

wrap my legs around you,

as we move in a wave.

The tension rises as we climax together.

We collapse together 

and fall asleep.

Later we wake 

my hand is on your cock,

your hand is in my cunt,

  I have a perversion I ask for now 

please put in your fingers,

  I will teach you how.

  I know you are hesitant to cause me pain 

so start slowly one finger at a time 

once all five fingers are in…

I gasp from pain… but the pain is pleasure

so I ask you to push all your hand in 

my legs are spread wide, as wide as can be,

your hand stretches me further 

to a pain so exquisite, I keep coming as I moan,

you abruptly stop, scared to cause injury 

what you do not know is that this is nothing 

  I have done this before… Beyond my limit 

begged them to stop, they carried on 

got ripped once… got stiched up…

…but still went on…

When the frenzy hits me 

  I want soft and tender sex 

so I love your fucks 

they are so gentle but manly 

but the sickie in me… Secretly wants some cruelty