Your strong, soft hands begin to squeeze me

 little bit before rippling like waves,

the thumbs flowing across

 shoulders side to side… Very slowly…

Your own robe falls away a little bit

as my fingers soothe your muscles.

You tilt your head towards my hands

and I feel your hair across my fingers

 as you stroke me softly…

You kiss my bare shoulders

 I love that. I simply must lean down

and  you kiss my way along my shoulders.

 Hot, soft lips tickling this sensitive skin.

 I begin to imagine your nipples perking

slightly beneath your own robe.

But first I begin to nibble my way

 back and forth across your shoulder,

 up the side of your neck,

down the back of your neck.

I feel you’re totally shivering…

I lick my lips for a moment,

 drying my tongue a little

then bring my slightly-moist

tongue over your shoulder.

Alternating that with my soft lips

barely-felt edge of my teeth

in a light nibbling.

 You sigh and arch your back

your sign that you’re enjoying

 but want something more.

Now I focus on softly licking

 kissing neck up along the side.

Kissing behind your ear for a tingle

Nibbling up and down the length

 of your ear lobe with a tickle of

 hot breath in your ear driving you wild.

There’s just something about a lover’s

 hot breath and moans in your ear

 that just totally drives you wild.

Right in your ear I whisper,

 “I just want to spin you around

 and see where my mouth takes me.”

You give me a moan of anticipation…

Your pleasure is always my source of pleasure…

Your robe gapes open now,

I’m delighted to see your chest.

Your chest is always wonderful…

 Mature, perky, manly… It has its own charm.

My hands have a fondness for it.

My eyes drawn to it.

My tongue and lips long

for full nipple contact.

I’d love to get some massage

 oil or lube and rub something

 throbbing against it…

… Some teasing with the throbbing shaft

 gliding across one nipple at a time.

 I’m bringing my hot mouth

Lower to your chest.

Warm, moist kisses across

 your chest, running slow

circles over your areola.

Your nipples are perking up

I skilfully avoid them

until they’re throbbing and begging

“do me! do me next!”

 And so I give you what you want,

 my lips close over one

 engorged nipples,

 my tongue now wet

 hot inside my mouth

as I slither it back and forth

 across the tip and suck a little.

Then a little harder with my tongue.

more kisses.

I feel your fingers run through

 my hair as you pull me

 closer to your chest where your body

 is feeling so very good right now.

Oh yes, I’d say we’re both enjoying this.

My hands move down to your thighs

 as I move up to kiss your lips.

I love your kisses.

 Your kisses seal the passion

 into everything we do,

make it more exciting.

When I climax it’s always so

 very hard to choose

whether I’d prefer to be looking

 into your eyes with passion,

 whether I want to be kissing

 deeply and moaning into your

mouth as my pleasure pours

 out of me and you feel my cunt more wet. And tight.

I kiss from your lips

down your tender throat

to your shoulders then

down again to your chest,

taking up position

again at your nipples.

My thumbs down below

 are working soft circles

on your inner thighs,

lightly brushing with the sides

 of my thumb-pads then pressing

then light friction again…