Foreplay is necessary 
If you want me 
To be wet and ready… 
For me, you don’t have to do much, 
You just have to know where’s the right place to touch; 
For one, I love for my breasts to be sucked… 
I don’t want you to be intimidated 
Or afraid; I want you to initiate it 
And make me glad I’m letting you get it; 
Show me you can penetrate it 
Very deep so I can feel it… 

Send shivers through my body, 
Make me quiver when you kiss me, 
Make my legs spread automatically, 
But make me wait for your sweet invasion; 
Make it so I don’t have any other distraction, 
But the throb between my legs from your constant attention… 
See, foreplay is necessary 
Because I want to be wet and ready, tight and sweat, sour and sweety
For when you need me…