I lay with my head in his lap enjoying the clean smell of manliness that wafted from his sweat pants. I wanted to taste him, needed to feel him swell between my lips, needed to hear him moan in satisfaction as he raised his hips to meet my mouth.

I licked my lips as I thought of how it felt when he exploded in waves in my mouth as I struggled to swallow all that he could produce. I adored him and yearned for him night and day.

I rubbed at his sleeping member slowly, trying to wake it so I could slip it into my mouth. I looked at him and our eyes met. God, so sexy. I pulled his sweat pants down and wrapped my lips around his hardening cock, twirling my tongue ring around the underside of its delicious head. He stiffened and throbbed against my tongue. I sucked him melodically, my hand drumming rhythms up and down his shaft as I jacked him into my mouth. He raised his hips as I ran my fingertips from his perineum to his balls. He moaned and stiffened to full attention in my mouth.

I couldn’t take it anymore! My pussy throbbed with want for him. It pulsed as it became wetter and wetter. I needed him inside of me. I slid my body up his, my lips touching his in a kiss filled with lust. His hands grabbed my ass, squeezing and spanking. I moaned in anticipation of the pleasure I was to receive. He raked his fingernails up my ass cheeks and I inhaled deeply. I lowered myself on his dick and felt him thrust into me. He was so big touching every expanse of my wet depths I couldn’t keep myself from moaning. I lay my chest on him raising and lowering my hips feeling him slide deeply into me before sliding him out.

My mind exploded at the pleasure of him filling me completely, so big it almost hurt. He wrapped his arms around me and pounded into me harder and harder his dick rubbing my spot sending me over the edge. I moaned his name as he whispered in my ear telling me to cum for him.

“Cum for daddy!” He commanded. I felt my pussy tightening around him and I came. I rode him harder sitting up to feel his finger tips on my pierced nipples.

I moaned tossing my head back. He always knew the places that needed to fill his strong hands. I leaned back riding him faster, feeling my clit rubbing against his pelvis the ring stimulating me further. His hands held my ass tightly. Every rise and fall of my hips I was getting closer.

I could feel him thickening inside of me, his balls pulled up tight to his body ready to give me the cum that I craved, I needed it in me deep inside of my dripping wet pussy. I dug my fingers into his chest moaning over and over his name. Hi clenched my hips tightly his breathing shallow and I knew it wouldn’t be long. He hissed between clenched teeth that he was cumming, I felt him empty his hot seed inside of me and it set me off again. I writhed around moaning his name as another climax hit me.

I slumped against his chest heaving sighs of satisfaction. Only he knows how to please me this way.