Sucking air between my teeth

A sound of hissing in reverse.

Words could not escape my lips

Nor could your cock escape from me

Is there such as thing as to

Devour yet gently?

In the recesses of your throat

Bathed with soft and lavish tongue

Push and pull yout cock skin with a 

Firm and wanton grip

You’ve come here to take what you want

Here to feed, here to drink

Take it, my dear, take it all

Take it all for it is all for you

 this had been building for months

first glances

innocent looks in the lobby

the parking lot

the elevator

accidental encounters in the hallways

too many coincedences

the tension so thick

it made the air hard to breath

desire so intense you could taste it

until finally opportunity presented

and without warning the animal instinct took over

I lift my skirt in the darkened stairwell

pulling you against me

pants dropped

panties pulled roughly aside

your hardness plunging deeper and deeper

into the readily accepting wetness

hands tied in my hair

gasping in time

until you can take no more

leaving you spent against my butt