I want to hear you. I want to hear your words. I want to hear you cum. I want to hear you scream the fucking City down to rubble.

But I want to feel you. I want to fill you. Those words as coated in your being, as your cock is with my desire.

There is no-one else. There never could be.

Your long fingers smoothly caressing and teasing me make me so wet.  You left me with no choice…

I love it when you kiss me from behind. I am so horny, my pussy is dripping… I need your hard cock to give me a release.

My fingers just aren’t enough today…

I love the taste of your excitement on my mouth, and the intense pleasure that my tongue buried in your cock gives you… I love the way it gets harder and harder everytime.

Pulling hard on her nipples she finally tips over into a crashing orgasm, her pussy eagerly contracting around his pulsating cock…

Her wetness tastes like nectar as she gently strokes your cock. She feels your cock getting harder as her juices flow into your mouth…

He took his time, sliding deep inside her with a tortuously slow stroke. He was bigger than she was used to and he had promised to make sure she felt every fucking inch.

She begged, whimpered, bucked… It was almost too much. He could feel her walls tightening around him, the hard swell of her G spot, the slickness of her arousal as it soaked his skin. 

“That’s it little one, cum for me… Cum now and I’ll fuck you exactly how you deserve to be taken.

When I begin to pull you inside of me… The last inch… All the way in… I want to bring you to the edge… I am waiting for your orgasm until you get lost in me… In my undulating hips..


What else can I say? I adore your body. I want to to caress you all over….