There is urgency in the certainty that you will penetrate me, for I know not when, I know not when.

I’m hoping it will be enough, the memory of that moment you take me. Can you remember the way my muscles fight against the intrusion only to give way with welcoming abandon after just a few lunges? Or the way my back arches like a serpent shedding skin when you run your tongue along my spine?

Think of the insistence of your cock, how it yearns to reach the depths of me. The way my pussy gushes and pulses and creams and clenches around it. Can you picture my eyes burning with tears and my teeth gnashing as you spread me like an ink blot across the bed? Do you recall my hands grasping at the sheets, my fingers digging into the mattress, toes curling, thighs quivering, all because I can hardly bear the weight of your torso and the pressure of your rigid shaft?

Hear me begging, “Take me now. Fill me. Make me come,” as I pound my ass back against your pelvis. Remember. And come back to me…Your hand on my hips as I press my ass back into you forcing you deeper. Pulling you hair, asserting my control over you.