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I like when he gets into it just as much as I do.

I’ve had no complaints so far with this position.

I want this. Right now. Oh, my. Yes, baby, yes!

Missionary can be just as good as all of those ‘adventurous’ positions everyone is so desperate to try out. I love this one, so classy and powerful.

I haven’t been forced into doggy for a while. I’d love to.

I haven’t been in this position for a while and it’s actually one of my favourites.

Such a  handsome man. And loves oral! Oh, I certainly won’t leave. Don’t you worry about that.

I wouldn’t mind have some good sex, while we’re stuck in traffic.

Mmm… Feels so good…

Ohh, I have company next Wednesday and we’ll be getting down and dirty so I may not post all that much until I get some free time. Here’s a picture for your troubles. I like to watch as much as I can from this position. My oh my.